Solutions for Families 7 Step System and Certification

Hello Mom and Dad! Let’s talk for a moment…

I know family life can be really challenging. We all want to experience loving, lasting relationships with our children and grow our families to be strong and healthy. But it’s sometimes tough.

Raising happy, confident children can be difficult! Trust me – I’ve walked your road, and I’ve felt many of the same struggles that you’re feeling now.

The good news is – ANY family can be loving and peaceful. Over the course of 40+ years as a parenting expert I’ve seen even the most broken families unify.

I’ve witnessed the weakest marriages come back and bloom into beautiful partnerships. I’ve watched fractured relationships transform into powerful bonds of trust and love.

All it takes is a willingness to improve, effort, and the right guidance to create the family relationships you’ve always dreamed of.


What would it mean to you if you could create loving, lasting relationships in your family?

Would you do more together as a family?

Would you look forward to having conversations with your children and your spouse?

Would your children finally get along and work through their challenges peacefully?

Would you feel more successful as a parent and partner?

All of this (and MORE) is possible, and it is exactly what I would like to show you how to do.

Together, we can turn your challenges into your strengths so you can experience joyful parenting and you can live in a stress-free, peaceful home. 


What will you learn with this
7-Step Program with Dr. Paula?

I’m ready to show you how to:

✅ Eliminate nagging in your home and get your kids to listen to you every time

✅ Stay close to your children, from toddlers to teenagers

✅ Build bonds of trust between you and your children

✅ Enjoy success with your strong-willed children

✅ Help your children work through disagreements and conflicts independently

✅ Stop the sarcasm in your home

✅ Improve your marriage overnight (LITERALLY!)

✅ Prepare your children for healthy relationships with you and other adults

✅ Help your children form strong, lasting bonds with their siblings

✅ Raise grateful, loving children

✅ Become a more compassionate parent

✅ Enjoy being a stay-at-home parent

✅ Balance your career and your home life

✅ Discipline without tears and increase obedience in your home

✅ Communicate with your children and your spouse more kindly (and effectively)

….and soooo much more!





✅  Access to the Solutions For Families 7 Step System

✅ Access to Solutions For Families Trainings, Articles, and Hundreds of Parenting and Relationship-Strengthening Videos Presented by Dr. Paula Fellingham



✅ All of the SELF-GUIDED Materials

✅ Weekly Group Zoom Calls with Dr. Paula Fellingham

✅ Weekly Parenting and Relationship-Strengthening Lesson by Dr. Paula (on the call)

✅ Answers to Emailed Questions about Your Family (on the call)

✅ Weekly Parenting Tips (emailed)

✅ Monthly Solutions For Families Webinar by Dr. Paula



✅ All of the GROUP and PERSONAL MENTORING Materials and Information

✅ Personal, One-On-One Mentoring for Each Member of Your Family

✅ Annual Solutions For Families Parenting RETREAT with Dr. Paula (in beautiful Saratoga Springs, Utah) – 3 Days and Two Night.

✅ Teaching Your Individual Family and Offering Solutions (at the Retreat and throughout the year) – Customizing the 7 Step System for Your Family