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I select only four women every six months to work with me one-on-one. Participants must already have successful businesses. These four women are ready to take their businesses into more countries, and they’re ready to learn how to be highly effective speakers, trainers, authors, and global mentors themselves.

They receive:

  • The entire Circle of Sisters’ program (Find more about the Circle of Sisters HERE).
  • A personal weekly training Zoom call with me.
  • Unlimited email/text/WhatsApp access to me and my team.
  • The opportunity to travel with me, and to speak and sell at my events and WIN Events. (travel costs not included)
  • The opportunity to have me personally market/sell your products and services to my database and connections (on a limited basis).
  • The opportunity to collaborate and possibly revenue share re: mutually-beneficial products/services.

Join for only $997/month!






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Abigail Larson

"Being with and learning from Dr. Paula while traveling has been a mind-blowing, eye opening, and life changing experience. From attending several global peace events to visiting privately with many refined dignitaries, I have had the unique opportunity of observing Dr. Paula and learning from her cultivated example as she creates strong relationships, gives in every way possible, and inspires everyone around her, all while smiling and laughing at every turn. I was most impressed by her pattern of offering help to everyone she met." -Abigail Larson


Daniella Davila, Lisbon, Portugal

“Paula’s Circle of Sisters brought so much to us: sacred moments, a beautiful sisterhood, and, to me, a magnificent, life-changing breakthrough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Peggy Berry, Hayward, California

“In the process of getting to know each other over video calls, and then being able to meet personally at the Retreat, I feel closer to my sisters in the Circle than I have ever felt to my biological sisters. Yes, I am closer to these women of varying ages and backgrounds than I am with my two biological sisters.”


Shanna Spicer, Salt Lake City, Utah

“What a precious and tender and beautiful experience to be with a Circle of Sisters! After a week together sharing, trusting, learning, and growing in the knowledge of Paula’s beautiful principles for success and joy-filled, purposeful living, we will be ‘forever’ sisters and friends.”


Leslie Weber, Saratoga Springs, Utah

“I was so blessed to attend the Circle of Seven Sisters’ Mastermind Retreat. It was a joy to learn about a wide variety of meaningful things. This included growth in areas of personal, business, financial, mental and physical health, and service to others. Paula was an exceptional teacher and mentor. Everything was taught in ways that were easy to understand and to implement in my daily life. I loved learning and progressing in an empowering, safe, loving environment. Paula, thank you SO MUCH for a fully enlightening, inspiring, encouraging, educational, growth-filled week!”