Up Close and Personal with Dr. Paula – Video Series

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Paula Video Series



Young life in California

Teens, College, Waitress Life

Music, Agoura High School teacher

First child; BIG new understandings

Second child; left Los Angeles

Third child near death

Hello Sequim! Raising children & more

Three more children and happy family

Learning Parenting Solutions

Gil’s midlife crisis

Music, music, music! Going professional

Elise’s kidney failure and brain surgery

Hello Saratoga Springs, Utah!

Becoming a radio show host

Hello, Benjamin! Adoption and more…

My father’s death

Goodbye my darling Missy…

Writing my first book

Making Up for Lost Time!

Becoming a professional speaker

Raising 7 Teenagers

Becoming a Grammie and adult children

Weddings – Don’t Pay Too Much!

Losing $300,000 and my database!

Needing God’s help

The Women’s Information Network

Wonderful Discoveries and Life Lessons Learned

Getting Out to the World More

Global Women’s Summits

Gil’s Health Heartbreaks

Paula’s Story

My Mother’s Death

World Parliament on Spirituality in India

Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative in India

Women of the Middle East Network

24 Grandchildren and more Lessons

Presenting 100 Peace Events

Writing My First Book, “Believe It! Become It!”

“Life and Wealth Mastery for Women”

Total Life Excellence!