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There is a moment in everyone’s life where they ask, “Where am I going in my life,””Who am I?” and “Is there more to life than what I’m living?” I know. I’ve been there.

I was introduced to a certain religious practice as a child, and I grew up knowing a God who loved me and knew me personally. I have always believed that He was there, but what I didn’t realize was JUST HOW MASSIVE the world of faith and spirituality really was. What I knew as a child was NOTHING in comparison to the real meaning of faith and spirituality.

As I’ve grown and nurtured my faith, I’ve come to this understanding: Our physical home on Earth is just a vessel. Our SPIRITS are the real reason we are here. Not only are there beings beyond our physical view that love and care deeply for us, but there are many, many beyond our sight that know us well and care deeply about our welfare.

I also know that the being that I know as God is also known as something or someone else. Ultimately, however, most of of us believe this same universal principle: love is the universal language in the universe. Love is the true key to movement and the reason for the existence of everything in our world. Love is what connects us all.

If you are struggling to find meaning in your life and wondering what is next for you in your quest for joy and purpose, I assure you that forging faith is your next step. What I have to offer you is not a religion. It’s not a set of beliefs that are right or wrong. It is a place to foster your belief in hope. It’s a place to enhance your personal understanding of the Universe and its laws. It’s a place for you to freely ask questions and form a stronger relationship with the one you look to (or want to look to) for comfort and unconditional love. It’s a place where, together, we can ALL increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace in the world through our collective faith.

Have you ever had questions about where you came from or what your life path should be following? Have you ever hoped that you could explore who you are – who you TRULY are – and gain a better understanding of who you are as a soul? Have you wanted to be in a community of like-minded women who also impact the world and its success on a spiritual level? This is what Women of Faith is all about.

We are meant for a higher purpose than what we can currently comprehend.



Strengthen your soul and find your path.

My personal belief is that the greatest Partner of all is God. He loves us and wants us to be happy and successful in life. He is there to help us hurdle every barrier and to excel like we’ve never dreamed of excelling before. Those who seek Him, and walk life’s path with their hand in His, will be blessed beyond measure. They will come to know the truthfulness of the saying, “Two can do anything if one of them is God.”

There are many other beliefs, and you may believe in someone or something different than God, but one thing that seems to be the same across religions and across schools of thought is that we are meant for more. We are meant to carry out a greater plan than one built just for ourselves. We are here because we have a divine ability to serve and care for others around us. Coming to better understand relationships and spirituality is key to serving in our full capacity.


Because of my belief in a loving being that is greater than myself, I am able to take great strength and serve in an extraordinary way. Why? There is a universal law that states that if we seek to live beyond ourselves, we will be able to have our efforts amplified and our souls strengthened. This is something anyone can do. We all have the ability to serve, but we also need others to guide us along our way so that we can live the most purpose-driven life possible.

Have you wanted to be able to strengthen your faith, but you struggle with your personal beliefs? Have you wanted to serve others, but you’re not sure how to start? Women of Faith is exactly the right step if the answer to either of those questions is YES. This is a place where, regardless of your religious practice (or lack of religion). Becoming more spiritually-minded and learning to hone in on our ultimate purpose is the goal of this amazing program.

Here’s just some of the principles you’ll be learning in this life-changing course with Paula Fellingham:

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  • How to create a diet plan for yourself that is healthy AND that leaves you satisfied
  • How to increase your metabolism so you’re burning calories ALL DAY
  • How to start a new exercise program that works for you, not against you
  • How to use simple principles to overcome obstacles in your fitness journey
  • How to be stay motivated every day
  • How to find inner confidence that will help you stay on track
  • How to enhance your workouts and meal plans for maximum results
  • How to build your inner beauty and how to help that inner beauty show on the outside
  • How to find your personal style and wear it with confidence
  • How to use a few simple things to slow or even REVERSE some common signs of aging
  • How to become a guide and motivator for those around you who are also struggling with their health and wellness

And SO Much More!


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