Total Life Excellence

Total Life Excellence for Mentors includes EVERYTHING you need to establish your coaching business, attract many high-paying, dedicated clients quickly, and start living the life you’ve been dreaming of!


Isn’t it time that you finally start using your gift to help others? You don’t have to keep waiting – your business isOne-On-One Mentoring Session picture ready for you RIGHT NOW!

I’ve been where you are now. When I first decided to become a life and business coach, I was overwhelmed by just HOW MUCH I had to learn from the get-go. Along

with the enormous task of physically establishing my business (like filling out tax forms and creating a legal brand), I wasn’t sure where to begin… the entire process seemed to complicated! How could I create enough content quickly?  How was I going to bring in clients? What should I charge? Am I even QUALIFIED to be giving others advice?

Are you there now? I understand how daunting this task can be!

There are a lot of certifications and trainings out there that give you the basics of creating a coaching business, but the truth is, most of them fall short, right? Many of these courses and certifications provide motivation, and they may even skim the surface on marketing practices that help you grow your business, but no one is going in-depth on things like creating powerful content and delivering it in a way that truly impacts your clients and reaches the most number of people. Furthermore, very few (if any) are offering an entire simple-to-use system that’s ready to go NOW – with full-length lessons, one-on-one business help, and content to provide your clients – that makes starting and growing your coaching practice a cinch.

That’s right. Your legal business documents? Ready to go. Your content? Already created. Your business model? Done. Your clients? Ready and waiting for you to begin teaching them!

Here’s just some of the things you’ll receive as a Total Life Excellence Mentor with Paula Fellingham:

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  • Total Life Excellence Business-in-a-box with all the documents and paperwork needed to legally establish your business, and all of the content you’ll need to start teaching your clients immediately (yours to use forever!)
  • A fully-built website to bring in clients and start taking payments immediately
  • Beautiful landing pages for each of the Total Life Excellence programs
  • No-nonsense information on how to create and protect your life coaching business and your brand
  • Step-by-step business-building processes and techniques to create a strong business from the get-go
  • Tools and techniques to help build your confidence as a coach and mentor
  • Trainings to assist you in communicating with your clients on a deeper level, creating a greater impact, and maintaining a long-lasting business relationship
  • Access to thousands of men and women who are ready for a coach or mentor (through The WIN’s global network and exceptional Facebook following)
  • Trainings on how to effectively create a steady flow of high-quality clients
  • Pricing and selling assistance to help your business start making money quickly
  • Trainings on how to balance your time and still deliver high-quality service to your clients
  • Trainings on how to escape the “one-to-one business trap” and deliver your content and business offerings to more people in less time
  • 5-day Total Life Excellence Mentor Certification Retreat
  • Total Life Excellence Mentor Certification upon completion of the program
  • 5 hours in Dr. Paula’s recording studio for you to film anything you choose

…And so much more!

Let’s spend 12 months together. No more waiting… Now is the time to start building the coaching business you’ve been dreaming of!



See what your business page could look like for each of the seven areas of Total Life Excellence!















 Three payment options:


12 Monthly Payments of
(12 month contract required)


6 Monthly Payments of


1 Payment of


Here’s what other people are saying about Dr. Paula and her programs….


Beverly Brink, Merced, CA

“I learned more from Dr. Paula Fellingham in a short time than I learned during years of schooling. This is the best possible investment I could have ever made in myself. Paula, you have totally changed my life and I can never, ever thank you enough. (My husband thanks you too!) Keep up the great work and take this information to every person on the planet!!”

Lisa Anderson, Seattle, WA

“Thank you Paula! You helped me know – for the first time in my life – that I am worth a million. NOW I can write my book. And now I know that my dreams of helping others will become a reality. Thank you, Paula!”

18157868_1728359880513928_2943878989949240625_nCynthia Kennemer, Visalia, CA

“Since meeting Dr. Paula and becoming a part of her program I have grown in confidence and self-esteem in addition to learning how to be a highly successful businesswoman and a better wife and mother! I know now that there are no limits to my success!”

527464_147425202066158_604263362_nJuanita VanDomburg, San Francisco, CA

“Before I met Paula Fellingham I didn’t really believe I could apply the character-strengthening principles she teaches into my life. However, now I know that old dogs can learn new tricks because my life has changed dramatically! I know now that I can do anything! My life is improving daily because I took the time and made the effort. Everyone needs this, but until you participate you don’t realize how much you need it!”

17190770_1398391676901142_9188513056764646318_nTiffany Berg, Salt Lake City, UT

“It’s true that today’s women are looking for success in their businesses, but women are also looking for success principles that not only ignite their wealth, but also their marriages, their parenting and their global involvement. Dr. Paula Fellingham teaches the priceless tools that transform your vision on all of these!

I have never heard anyone as good as Paula Fellingham, and I’ve heard the best in the business! Nor have I participated in something that gave me the tools to be successful in business and in my personal life!”

Linda Braithwaite, Glendale, AZ

“Dr. Paula Fellingham not only shows you how to find your WHY, she gives you the HOW, step-by-step in bite-size pieces that WORK!”

10505407_10152521515813147_7340091792237607745_nMelanie Perry, Phoenix, AZ

“A whole new world has opened for me and I send you my sincerest, heartfelt thanks.”

Jackie Wilkes, Saratoga Springs, UT

“Paula, your principles are absolutely life changing. You are truly a gift to the world!”

Jodi Wilding, American Mothers, Inc, Sacramento, CA“Paula Fellingham combines her unbelievable wealth of knowledge with humor and passion that’s contagious. I found myself laughing along with everyone as Paula shared stories and examples that were all too ‘close to home’ and then tearing up as Paula shared insights and principles that touched my heart and will help me change my life. Paula Fellingham  is over-the-top fabulous!”

529097_378023428930540_1125108730_nMarie Kothera, San Diego, CA

Dear Paula, you are an absolute INSPIRATION to women around the whole world!!!!  I am so honored to know you. I would love to work with you and touch lives of so many women and their families.

1970568_10203145191408124_499740885_nPaul Brockbank, former VP, Franklin-Covey

“Paula, you are gifted and special – nothing short of inspiring. Your life is amazing and you are incredible. You have the code cracked in a wonderful way.”

15134530_1193580510726340_1167405390554520019_nDeneen Morgan-Burley, Baltimore, MD

“Paula, I want to take the time to thank you for doing this for WOMEN. We need all of the encouragement, mentoring, and uplifting that we can get. More importantly, however, we need the LOVE. That’s what each of us felt radiate from you. I am grateful that our paths crossed and we are now a part of one another’s lives. God bless you. Keep smiling and making a difference in the lives of other women.”

13173787_10153433316690047_3097219286964493221_nEdel Quinn Odongo, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

“Paula, you are a great blessing to me and to the women in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi. Because of your help and support, what is happening in the Slums could not have been achieved, with many women starting and growing their businesses with loans from Kiva and follow-up from me. The end result, without you, would have been that the women would continue to suffer. We all need one another to make things happen. And so much is happening now. Many, many women are becoming entrepreneurs and bringing their families out of poverty. I thank you with all of my heart for all you are doing for me and for the women in Kibera.”

Brahimi_representative_mokhtar-lamani_8Ambassador Mohktar Lamani, Former Director of the OEC, United Nations

Paula Fellingham has the wonderful ability of empowering people to improve their lives and their relationships. As she strengthens individuals and families, she is strengthening communities and nations by providing solutions that work.”

Lori King, San Diego, California
“Dr. Paula Fellingham is the most inspirational, highly qualified speaker I’ve ever heard!  She speaks to people’s hearts like you can’t imagine unless you’re there. Paula causes profound life changes and tangible results! She has a God-given gift. I encourage everyone to experience – not attend – experience Dr. Paula Fellingham!

12 Monthly Payments of
(12 month contract required)


6 Monthly Payments of


1 Payment of