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How to Be a Successful Mentor-Coach with Unlimited Quality Content that Changes Lives


Dear coach, mentor, entrepreneur, author, or any woman with a desire to help other women as a SUPERB coach/mentor,

I’ve been a global mentor for women for over 20 years. But it wasn’t until I visited 20 countries, worked with thousands of women, and DOUBLED MY HUSBAND’S INCOME that I began to really understand WHAT it takes to not only run a successful coaching practice, but HOW to give clients exactly what they need to enjoy total life excellence.

The biggest challenge that most coaches will encounter is this: Burnout.Paula's new picture

And why do coaches burn out? Three reasons…they don’t have high-paying clients… they don’t have great content that attracts high-paying clients… they do their best but they know they could be better if they had a mentor themselves.

Now their nightmare continues.

Coaches hike up their prices, use weak content they find online, and they worry because their clients might suspect they’re “winging it”. YIKES.

Let me show you how to STOP accepting low-paying clients. YOU decide who to coach because they are qualified to work with you. AND you can help them achieve TOTAL life excellence using quality content that you are given each month.

No more guessing and worrying because you have a mentor who shows you exactly what to say and do at each coaching session. No more “winging” it – you are well-prepared, articulate and confident at each coaching session….and you CHANGE LIVES.

When you have all the tools you need, the job gets done, and you make money. PERIOD.



Build a coaching practice and a life that completely fulfills you!

Now as I travel working with women worldwide I often reflect on the hard work it took to get here. How I wish someone had been there telling me STEP-BY-STEP how to do it… giving me unlimited quality content… giving me the very words to say… and SHOWING me how to strengthen women in ALL areas of their lives!

I imagine how many more women I could have mentored if I knew then what I know now. It would have been an amazing advantage to have the BLUEPRINT in front of me from the very beginning.


Jeannie Kellee DC and Paula

Today, I have hundreds of hours of videos, audio, and lessons that made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where did I get these? I created them over thousands of hours of work and training from leading professionals and trainers. I became an expert in my field, but it took years.

Have you wanted to be able to do this same thing? Have you wanted to be able to choose where you travel, who you work with, and have all the content you need to get started as soon as tomorrow? This is exactly what Total Life Excellence for Mentors is. Once you have our materials in your hands, there is literally nothing else stopping you from obtaining clients and making money. You literally can start your career as a Total Life Excellence Mentor as soon as tomorrow.

Here’s just some of the things you’ll receive and learn as a Total Life Excellence Mentor with Paula Fellingham:


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You’ll Receive

  • Complimentary training manuals and teaching schedules for ALL SEVEN of the Total Life Excellence programs
  • Total Life Excellence Certification and License to ALL books, guidebook, modules, CDs, DVDs, for all TLE programs
  • Online TEMPLATES for all TLE programs (see sample pages below)
  • LIVE annual Training Retreats with Dr. Paula Fellingham, where you’ll learn everything you need to be a better coach and a stronger leader in your field
  • Weekly schedules that show you WHAT to teach and WHEN to teach it (down to the time and the day)
  • Weekly conference call with Paula and other TLE Mentors to improve your delivery and increase your effectiveness as a coach and mentor
  • Monthly training webinars and LIVE Q&A’s in Paula’s exclusive VIP Facebook Group where you can literally ask her ANYTHING regarding your coaching practice

You’ll Learn

  • How to start your Total Life Excellence Mentor business at home, on your schedule, starting as soon as tomorrow
  • How to organize your month so that your content is reaching the largest number of clients
  • How to MAGNETICALLY ENGAGE people and attract them to your coaching business
  • How to gain a steady number of clients and CHOOSE THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH
  • How to stick to a strict schedule each month so that your clients consistently improve
  • How to find inner confidence that will help you stay on track as a leader (without feeling burned out each month)

And SO Much More!


 Three easy payment options:


12 Monthly Payments of
(12 month contract required)


6 Monthly Payments of
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1 Payment of
(save $967!)