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Ten Qualities of Highly-Influential and Effective Leaders – Dr. Paula Fellingham

By Dr. Paula Fellingham Stand Up, Step Forward, and Lead Out… Fearlessly. You are ALREADY a leader! You don’t need to wait for someone to give you permission to lead. Decide where you want to go – and who you want to go with – and start moving. Love Those You Lead and Those You[…]

Utah Valley Women Spotlight with Dr. Paula Fellingham: Entrepreneur finds authenticity with age

It is my joy to highlight an exceptional Utah Valley woman each week. Our “Utah Valley Women Spotlight” is on Glenna DeLisle. What an amazing woman. I recently watched as 10,000 people leaped to their feet and enthusiastically applauded DeLisle in the Salt Palace. I have also seen her with small groups of women as she touches[…]

Utah Valley Women Spotlight with Dr. Paula Fellingham: Younique co-founder powerful leader at home, work

I’m delighted to announce the beginning of our Utah Valley Women Spotlights. There are thousands of women in Utah Valley deserving of this honor! We are looking for women who are truly exceptional. Our spotlighted women will be diverse in their backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, talents, skills, hopes and dreams. Some women will be entrepreneurs, others[…]

No One Can Make Me Feel Inferior Without My Consent ~ Dr. Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham here! I have many heroes. Webster’s Dictionary defines a hero to be “a person distinguished for valor, fortitude, or bold enterprise; displaying great courage or noble qualities.” One of my heroes is Eleanor Roosevelt. What an amazing woman she was! I’ve memorized many of her quotes because they motivate me to “live my[…]

Three Things Parents Should Tell Their Children Every Day ~ Dr. Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham here! Do you remember holding your first baby for the first time? Were you struck, almost immediately, with an acute awareness of your infant’s helplessness? I remember feeling incredibly humbled, and a little overwhelmed, by my new responsibility for the life of another human being. Although normal, for some of us those feelings[…]