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No Yelling. No Nagging.
Who knew parenting could be so much fun?

Have you always dreamed of a home filled with love and peace and a family where members get along and respect each other?

As a parenting expert and a coach for over 30 years (and a mother of ____and grandmother of ____ ), I’ve worked with many families from all backgrounds and all sizes and ages. I’ve been able to watch even the most broken homes experience powerful breakthroughs, and I’ve witnessed relationships mend and grow like never before. How? Parents recognized the need for change and ACTED on that feeling.

It’s important to understand this: your family is not too far “gone” at this point, and you are not a horrible parent if you are experiencing challenges with your family relationships. As moms and dads, we can often feel like failures when our children act out or when we struggle to experience harmony in the home on a daily basis. The truth is, every family has it’s own unique set of challenges, and you are not alone in your struggles!

The good news is, there are simple solutions that can help solve even the biggest family problems quickly. Solutions for Families makes accessing and activating these solutions simple for ANYONE, no matter how long your family has been hurting or at what level your relationships currently stand.

Watch your family grow and thrive like never before!

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Once you begin using positive solutions in your home, a shift in attitudes and behaviors becomes very apparent. Children suddenly begin paying attention, spouses begin to align on daily decisions, and individual family members exude more happiness and joy than ever before. It’s amazing how quickly things can change when there is a willingness to work through problems and a heightened level of love in the home!

I want to teach you how to build a happier, more joyful home, step-by-step. As you employ the simple tools I teach, you will be amazed at how different your home feels and how much easier it is to enjoy the journey with your children, your spouse, and your family as a whole.

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Let’s take your family from surviving to THRIVING as fast as possible!

Each week, your family will meet together for a short lesson, video, and activity in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to meet!).

In this one-year program, you will learn:

  • Ten Characteristics of a Happy, Successful Child (based on today’s research)
  • How to Raise Loving and Appreciative Children and to Help Them Feel Loved (includes valuable disciplining techniques that work)
  • How to Teach Your Child to Have a Joyful, Positive Attitude
  • How to Teach Kindness, Obedience, Respect, Responsibility, and Compassion (on different shows)
  • How to Teach Children to Communicate Well (includes the Five Keys to Great Communication)
  • How to Help Children Maintain Close Relationships with Family
  • How to Help Children Make Wise and Moral Choices
  • How to Help Your Children Create Healthy Habits
  • How to Help Your Children Enjoy Learning
  • Seven Ways to Help Your Children Create Great Self Confidence
  • How to Help Your Children Have Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being
  • Life-Changing Strategies for Immediate Results (more disciplining techniques that work)
  • Five Things That Keep You Close to Your Teenagers
  • How to Eliminate Whining and Negative Talk in Your Home
  • How to Improve Your Marriage Relationship…Tonight!
  • Three Steps to Diffuse Any Angry Person
  • Three Ways to Make Discipline a Positive Experience
  • How to Eliminate Criticism and Sarcasm
  • Two Things to Tell Children Every Day to Teach Them Kindness and Good Manners
  • Three Things You Can Do to Insure a Healthier Marriage Than You’ve Ever Had
  • How to Create Family Unity
  • How to Unplug the Power of Toxic Personalities and Live Peacefully
  • How to Have Successful 15 Minute Weekly Family Meetings
  • How to Release Yourself from Damaging Beliefs and Self-Defeating Thoughts
  • Ten Keys to Rearing Successful Children
  • Work in the Home: Building Enduring Relationships

…and so much more!

This program will walk you through real-life scenarios and EXACTLY how to work through even your biggest family challenges. It will truly transform your home and your family life in every way!

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Your home is meant to be a happy, joyful place to be. Even though there are times where we will face challenges, and even though not all of life is perfect or fun, our families can be a safe haven and a place of refuge at all times. Let me help your family become that special place. Let’s do it together!

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