Paula’s Weekly Message: Starting the New Year Right

Dear Friends,

Paula Fellingham checking in!

As we all move into 2014 I’d like to share my thoughts about the upcoming year and suggest three things we can do to make our New Year’s Resolutions more than just a “To Do List” for the first two weeks in January. :-))

Personally, I’m THRILLED about the possibilities for huge growth and global expansion for The WIN, and my team is enthusiastically preparing for the 70+ Global Women’s Summits we’ll present this year. We SO excited! And my husband (Gil) and I are looking forward to our son Benjamin’s return (in June) from his two year mission in Mexico.

Now, about those three suggestions for 2014….. here they are:

First, I’d like to suggest that we leave the past in the past. Life lessons learned from former challenges are wonderful; they foster growth. But anything that does not help you become a better person in 2014 should be left behind. Give no thought to past mistakes. Use their lessons to strengthen you in the future and turn your face, and your thoughts, to bright new 2014 “beginnings”.

Second, we need to decide what we truly want this year and put those statements in writing, with time limits. Decades of studies have proven that reading and visualizing your goals nearly guarantees their realization.

Third, we should live in gratitude and goodness, loving ourselves and others, no matter what. We demonstrate this by not judging or criticizing others; by frequently complimenting ourselves (through our self talk) and others; by forgiving quickly; by doing random acts of kindness; and by always remembering our blessings, every minute of every day.

I send you my love and my best wishes for a FABULOUS 2014!

May your day be filled with WINS!


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