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Paula's new pictureFrequently I am asked, “Why haven’t you ever told your readers about you, Paula? Each week you spotlight a woman living in Utah Valley, so when are we going to learn about you?”

And so, my friends, this is the week. I must admit I’m out of my comfort zone writing about myself. However, I’m happy to have you know who I am. I also encourage you to reach out to me and let me know about YOU! I would love to get to know you.

First, I’ll share a bit about me and then I’ll answer the interview questions I ask the women whom I spotlight in this column.

I am the founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network (WIN), an online educational and social network and a global community of women in many countries. After hosting the largest gathering of women in the history of the world for the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day in 2011, WIN now presents Global Women’s Summits worldwide.

Currently, I am also honored to be the chairwoman of November’s World Parliament on Spirituality, where our Global Peace Initiative will be launched. I am excited about this event! I also love writing, and have written six books, several educational courses and many magazine articles.

And now I’ll answer the questions I ask others who are spotlighted in this Utah Valley Women column.

Growing up

My life growing up was wonderful! I grew up in Glendale, California, and I loved every minute of my youth. My father, Wendell Noble, was a radio artist, comedian and musician. My mother, Gwenavere, was like Mary Poppins! My five siblings and I had a joyful home life, filled with love and happiness.

I received my bachelor’s degree in 1971 from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and I received my doctorate of education in human relations much later, in 2004.

Greatest challenge

My greatest challenge is meeting the needs of the women in the 152 countries where WIN has ladies with whom we’re connected. It’s both exciting and challenging to be the CEO of a large network of women.

Perhaps the best thing I’m doing now for women worldwide is teaching them how to excel in all seven areas of their lives — their Total Life Excellence. It is joyful, challenging work, and I invite readers to contact me to learn how they can shine their lights in nations worldwide and serve the women and families there.

Greatest success

Without a doubt, my greatest success is my family. I’ve been married for 45 years to the love of my life and together we have eight children and 24 grandchildren.

Two other successes that were thrilling and humbling were receiving the Points of Light Award from President George W. Bush, and the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama.

Advice for women

My advice for women is to “fill your cup” with the love you will receive through service. Love begets love, and there are countless opportunities to serve our sisters worldwide.

Most of us realize that “Happy Valley” isn’t always happy. And I know the power and joy that comes from service. So my advice is to look through windows, seeing the needs of others, instead of looking through mirrors, seeing only your own needs. Look, love and lift!

Here’s how Mother Teresa said it: “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness.”

Every day I strive to follow her counsel. Although I frequently fail, I want — with all of my heart — to love and lift others and to serve my sisters worldwide.

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