Forget An Expensive Mentorship, A Huge Staff, Or Having To Wait For A Publisher To Give You The Green Light.

Write and Sell Your Own Book FAST and Start Branding Yourself As The Expert Your Are!

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Dear author or soon-to-be author,

So many people sit down and try to write and then sell their books, but several months (or even years) later, little or no progress has been made. That’s where the 90 DAYS OR LESS  program comes into play: I’m here to help you get your book FINISHED and SOLD faster than you ever imagined possible. My 90-day Program is your personal guide to finally finishing and selling your book.

The 90 DAYS OR LESS Program starts with organizing your book and setting a reasonable, doable writing schedule for yourself, and ends with the specific online marketing tactics needed to pre-sell and sell your book. The program is broken into 12 excellent weekly lessons that focus on the different aspects of book writing, methods of publication, and marketing online and on-land. Each lesson includes videos and written content that drill down deeply into powerful (and simple) action steps that you need to understand to be successful and to ensure the success of your new book.

The 90 DAYS OR LESS Program can be taken with you anytime and anywhere in the world! When you commit to this program, you commit to your own personal achievement as an author and as a leader in your industry. You ensure your book’s success and your potential to be an influential global leader.

I GUARANTEE YOU . . . you can complete your book AND be selling it within 90 days if you come onboard with this outstanding program and follow my directions. So join me! My program guides you every step of the way. I can’t wait to help you reach your goal of becoming the author you’ve always wanted to be. With lots and lots of love, Dr. Paula Fellingham

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Randy Friedman, Palm Beach, FL

“Paula, you had me at ‘Do you want to write a book in 90 days or less’? I am very thankful that you came into my life and showed me, step-by-step, how to write my book “The Athletic Mindset”. My book has opened many valuable doors for me as a speaker. I’ll always be grateful for your kind support during the writing process. You’re the BEST!”



In this program, you will learn...

  • How to CREATE A POWERFUL MESSAGE for your book.
  • How to do the proper RESEARCH for your book.
  • How to ORGANIZE your book.
  • How to SET A SCHEDULE for your book.
  • How to EDIT your book.
  • How to GET A PUBLISHER or SELF-PUBLISH your book.
  • How to PRE-SELL your book (even if you haven’t finished it yet).
  • How to SELL your book after release.
  • How to make your book an INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER.


Carol Tom, Austin, TX

“I started achieving my goals immediately. Within 3 weeks of working with Paula I had expanded my business, learned how to grow my online business and began writing my book. Her support for my well-being and enthusiastic belief in my ability to be all I want to be has changed my life forever!”

Cynthia Kennemer, Visalia, CA

“Since meeting Dr. Paula and becoming a part of her training program I have grown in confidence and self-esteem in addition to learning how to be a highly successful businesswoman and a better wife and mother! I know now that there are no limits to my success!”

Juanita VanDomburg, San Francisco, CA

“Before I met Paula Fellingham I didn’t really believe I could apply the character-strengthening principles she teaches into my life. However, after only two coaching sessions I know that old dogs can learn new tricks because my life has changed dramatically! I know now that I can do anything! My life is improving daily because I took the time and made the effort to attend an Ignite Your Life Training. Everyone needs this training, but until you attend you don’t realize how much you need it!”

Tiffany Berg, Salt Lake City, UT

“It’s true that today’s women are looking for success in their businesses, but women are also looking for success principles that not only ignite their wealth, but also their marriages, their parenting and their global involvement. Dr. Paula Fellingham teaches the priceless tools that transform your vision on all of these!

I have never heard anyone as good as Paula Fellingham, and I’ve heard the best in the business! Nor have I attended a seminar that gave me the tools to be successful in business and in my personal life!”

Linda Braithwaite, Glendale, AZ

“Dr. Paula Fellingham not only shows you how to find your WHY, she gives you the HOW, step-by-step in bite-size pieces that WORK!”

Paul Brockbank, former VP, Franklin-Covey

“Paula, you are gifted and special – nothing short of inspiring. Your life is amazing and you are incredible. You have the code cracked in a wonderful way.”

Lisa Anderson, Seattle, WA

“Thank you Paula! You helped me know – for the first time in my life – that I am worth a million. NOW I can write my book. And now I know that my dreams of helping others will become a reality. Thank you, Paula, and the other amazing women on your team!”

Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Paula, best wishes for your continued good work.”