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Dear budding author, entrepreneur, life coach, or anyone else who is ready to LAUNCH a powerful, highly-successful speaking career,

I remember being where you are now. I was a young wife and mother, working hard to raise a family and fulfill my duties in my home and community, but I also KNEW had something powerful and important to share with the world. After spending time reading and writing and studying, I felt a calling to speak and spread my message across the globe.

Despite my burning desire to be a powerful presenter and speak on stages around the globe, I wasn’t sure where to start. So I began to go to seminar after seminar. I spent many hours and many personal dollars learning from the very best on how to share my message and move the hearts of people as I shared my message, as well as how to make real money speaking. After years of study and hours and hours and HOURS of practice, I took to the stage for the very first time. And you know what, my audience was blown away that very first time. 

Since then, every experience on the stage has been life-changing for me and for those who listen to me speak (and I have spoken on hundreds of stages since that very first time). I’ve made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars as a speaker and have spoken in front of THOUSANDS of people. I’ve had an amazing speaking career!

This is what I want for YOU as well! It’s not always easy to communicate and command the stage, even when our message is phenomenal. There are many “experts” who have lots of tips to share with you but have never generated a dime as a speaker themselves. I’m not here to share crazy tips that, in theory would work, but have never been tested. These are real strategies that have generated real results and REAL MONEY for me over and over again!

I will teach you how to organize your message, command the stage the moment you walk on, and set yourself apart as a powerful, well-known speaker.

This could be the difference between you sitting at home, watching someone else take the stage and YOU getting up in front of THOUSANDS and changing people’s lives!

Forget The Simple “Build It And They Shall Come” Concept In Speaking. Build Real Skills That Actually WORK, And Start Standing Apart As The Expert You Are!

Before anyone knows who you are, they have to know that you actually know your stuff.GWS Attendee Pix Belem Brazil

You need to not only know your field, but you also need to know how to present it incredibly well!

Spend 50 minutes with me getting on the fast track and learning 100 insider secrets about the speaking industry. You’ll learn what will truly make you stand apart from the other speakers in the world and how to get on prominent stages and make MONEY doing it!

Say goodbye to the gimmicks and the age-old concepts of simply BELIEVING that you can be great. BECOME that amazing speaker by implementing what you learn at the end of this class!

You will learn…

  • How to position yourself on stage so that your audience can focus on you the entire time you present.
  • How to immediately CONNECT with your audience on a heart level, even when there are 1000+ people in the room.
  • How to replicate your message time and again but present it like NEW every time.
  • How to prepare and organize your presentation for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to choose focus points in your presentations and help your audience retain everything they learned, every time.
  • How to exude confidence on stage, even if you’ve never presented in front of an audience before.
  • How to make your presentation feel like a conversation with your audience members.
  • How to immediately build rapport and a relationship with your audience, from the minute you walk on stage.

And SO Much More!

I’m ready to teach you.

In this on-demand audio class, I’ll teach you the 100 EXPERT TIPS that will put you in a different league that 90% of the speakers out there, which will help you get on more stages and MAKE MORE MONEY as a powerful, influential speaker.


Where would you be if you already knew what the seasoned speakers knew on DAY ONE of
your speaking career?

Who this is for:

  • Someone serious about becoming a powerful, well-known speaker
  • Someone who has no experience speaking, but has a desire to change people’s lives
  • Someone who has been speaking for a while, but hasn’t had significant success speaking or selling on stage
  • Someone who is willing to practice and put in the work it takes to be a great speaker
  • Someone who wants to take their presentations to the next level!

Who this is NOT for:

  • Someone who thinks they already know everything there is to know
  • Someone who thinks they should be able to get everything they need for free
  • Someone who takes many classes but doesn’t like to take action on what they learn
  • Someone who doesn’t like to work at their craft


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Dr. Paula Fellingham at Global Women's Summit in Australia

“Paula Fellingham had convention attendees on their feet four times during her presentation as she taught her powerful principles. With clarity and passion she shows how people can overcome every obstacle and live extraordinary lives. Paula Fellingham is the real deal.” Bill Elsberg, Denver, CO

“Dr. Paula Fellingham is the most inspirational, highly qualified speaker I’ve ever heard!  She speaks to people’s hearts like you can’t imagine unless you’re there. Paula causes profound life changes and tangible results! She has a God-given gift. I encourage everyone to experience – not attend – experience her presentations!” Lori King, San Diego, California

 “Paula Fellingham had every meeting attendee absolutely mesmerized. She combines her unbelievable wealth of knowledge with humor and passion that’s contagious. I found myself laughing along with everyone as Paula shared stories and examples that were all too ‘close to home’ and then tearing up as Paula shared insights and principles that touched my heart and will help me change my life. Paula Fellingham is, hands down, the best keynote speaker our association has ever had. She is easy to work with and over-the-top fabulous!” Jodi Wilding, American Mothers, Inc, Sacramento, CA

Paula Fellingham is a dynamic speaker who inspires and captivates audiences. She is uplifting and entertaining with her engaging personality! Paula’s practical wisdom focuses on creating positive changes in your life, and nothing is more needed today. I highly recommend her – she’s a five-star speaker!” Barbara Bower, Michigan – Master’s Miracle, Inc.

“Paula Fellingham is a compelling presenter. She is a great mix of teacher and entertainer. Her ‘Believe It, Become It’ message couldn’t have been more timely for the 1,300 person audience at our national convention. Paula teaches principles that change lives in profoundly positive ways. She touches your heart and motivates you to immediate action. I highly recommend her.” Gordon A. R. Morton, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, XANGO, LLC

“Paula is the best motivational speaker I’ve ever heard! Immediately after she spoke at our convention she signed her Believe It! Become It! book – non-stop – for six hours!  People stood in long lines waiting for her products. Why? Because her Believe It! Become It! principles and her passion lift you – they make you want to become your ideal self – and she tells you exactly how to do it!” Sharan Ro, Honolulu, Public Relations Director

“Paula Fellingham’s presentation was so uplifting and inspiring!  It was like she was talking with me one-on-one.” Karen Whitaker, Redding, CA

“Paula, you are gifted and special – nothing short of inspiring. Your life is amazing and you are incredible. You have the code cracked in a wonderful way.” Paul Brockbank, former VP, Franklin-Covey

“I have been in organizations spending upwards of $125,000 for keynote speakers and Paula Fellingham outshines them all! She is a meeting planner’s dream and an incredible return on investment. I have found I can always depend on Paula. We hire Paula often. Why? Because we can trust her to deliver highly-interactive, engaging presentations. With Paula’s training systems and abilities, when she presents new information and skills to our attendees, I’ve found they experience higher than average retention rates and are able to use those skills to produce ongoing measurable results. In today’s world it is not just about entertaining attendees. We as meeting planners must deliver high-value content which attendees can immediately apply to improve their careers and businesses.  That is exactly what Paula gives us 100% of the time, every time. As a meeting planner of host, if you want to sleep worry-free tonight, hire Paula today!” Lori Prokop, Senior Group Publisher, Best Selling Publishing, New York, New York

“Paula Fellingham understands what it takes to break through barriers and excel like never before, and she puts it within your reach. Anyone who desires success at the highest level – run, don’t walk, to hear her! Paula inspired me to go farther, reach higher, and attain more than I ever have before!” Alvin Day, CEO, Mountain Movers, Inc

“I enjoyed Dr. Paula Fellingham’s presentation more than you can ever imagine. It touched me so much that I want to learn how to go out and help other women in this world.

I have traveled extensively and love learning about different cultures and teaching others English and other skills. Paula has inspired me to continue this and hopefully I can learn from her how to inspire others and help women in other countries believe in themselves and become whatever they want to be.

I have always taught my daughters as they grew up that if they believe in something, they could make it happen. Thank you so much, Paula, for enforcing this and spreading it throughout our world.” Lisa J. Parks, CA

“Paula is an amazing woman with a positive attitude that in just 10 minutes of her speaking motivated me to be “BETTER.” Charessa Johnson, San Diego, CA