7 Tips for Building Tolerance in Your Home:

Sometimes, it can be easy for us to slip into a “bubble” when we get busy. However, teaching (and practicing) tolerance in our families, despite where we come from, is SO important in today’s diverse and changing world! Here are 7 tips to build a spirit of tolerance in your home! 7 Tips for Building Tolerance[…]

Families: Are We Going Where We Think We Are? – Dr. Paula Fellingham

There are many things that compete for the time and attention of families.  People are constantly making decisions about what things should have priority in their lives.  Are your family’s highest priorities in life the things you believe to be the most important? Sometimes people spend their resources of time or money on things that[…]

Three Things Parents Should Tell Their Children Every Day ~ Dr. Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham here! Do you remember holding your first baby for the first time? Were you struck, almost immediately, with an acute awareness of your infant’s helplessness? I remember feeling incredibly humbled, and a little overwhelmed, by my new responsibility for the life of another human being. Although normal, for some of us those feelings[…]