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Master Your Mind and Find The Confidence to Overcome Any Obstacle or Challenge in Your Life!


Dear sister, brother, mom, dad, daughter, son, or anyone else who is ready to get past the past and become the best you can be, 

The doorbell rang one frosty January morning. It was Mom, standing on the front steps with a grin on her face and a package in her hands. She had found our old Family Time Capsule!  You see, on New Years Day 1985, our family wrote goals and placed them in a box we called our Time Capsule. The plan was to review them the following January…but Mom lost the box. Now, years later she was delivering the newly-discovered contents to her grown children. I laughed as I unfolded my yellow-stained notes. My laughter turned to dismay as I read my ancient goals. I could hardly believe my eyes! These goals were nearly the same ones I wrote for myself just days before!

Why do we continue setting the same goals for ourselves, year after year?

It's simple: we sometimes don't believe  in ourselves long enough to complete some of our goals. We don't always prioritize taking care of ourselves, because, as women, we often put others before ourselves. Sometimes we look at our hopes for self-improvement as silly or a waste of time, and ultimately, we don't BELIEVE that we are capable of making those changes, so we throw those desires to the wayside and move on.

In Believe It! Become It!, I will teach you principles that will empower you to live an extraordinary life; to reach and exceed your every goal. By committing to this program, you’re allowing yourself to improve and enrich your life in ways you never imagined

Have you ever wanted to take on a goal, but you're too afraid to try? Have you ever wanted to get past something painful in your past and BREAK FREE from the bitterness and the roadblocks in your life? I can teach you to do that, no matter where you are on your path and what you seek to overcome.


Learn to overcome any obstacle and get past any struggle in your past, present, or future.

There was a time in my life that I was in a dark place.  At the same time I was desperately trying to function from day to day as a wife to a dear husband who had cancer at the time, I was also the mother of eight, and as the CEO of a global company.

As someone who had already written a book on self-mastery, and taught it for years, I sometimes felt like a complete hypocrite. Here I was, frantically trying to figure out how to be in the Refiner’s Fire without burning up.

It was during this time of struggle that I came to understand something I had heard from others: Pain is part of the Plan. Everyone experiences it. How we deal with our individual pain is a measure of three things: our understanding of healthy ways to cope with it; the examples and help from people in our lives; and our strength of character.

That moment was a defining one, and it COMPLETELY changed the trajectory of my life. When the flip switched in my mind, the mood and the circumstances in my life changed for the better too. Although not every stress in my life disappeared, I was suddenly able to take on ANYTHING. I was able to master ANYTHING. I felt stronger and more vibrant than ever! I was also able to communicate the keys to this change in attitude to others,and today, I am a world-renowned coach and mentor that has helped THOUSANDS of women change their mindset.

Marianne Williamson, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

"Paula Fellingham is a force for good in the lives of women across the world as she educates and empowers them. She is an inspiration to us all. I love you, Paula."

Marianne Williamson

NO MORE STRUGGLING IN YOUR BELIEF IN YOURSELF - Lead a life of self-mastery. I can show you how!

This is a program for doers. It is a life-changing program for those who want to thrive, not simply survive. If you read this book thoughtfully and carefully absorb its teachings, then conscientiously practice its principles, you can experience powerful, personal improvement. By using the Five Pillar Principles, you can modify or change the circumstances in which you now live and take control of them rather than be directed by them.

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Each of your relationships will improve, and you will have increased influence over everyone in your life’s circle. You will enjoy a delightful new sense of well-being, and even increased health. How can I say with certainty that these are the by-products of learning and living the Believe It! BECOME IT! principles? Because I’ve witnessed amazing results in my clients' lives and know these concepts are life-changing.

Here ARE just some of the principles you'll be learning in this life-changing course with Paula Fellingham:

  • How create positive change in your life
  • How to release yourself from negative thoughts
  • How to allow yourself to rise above life’s obstacles
  • How to live beyond the energy-sapping, joy-sucking grip of negative voices and negative people
  • How to reflect joy and confidence in your self-mirror
  • How to create your own happiness and light the way for others
  • How to create a "positive crisis" and grow at an amazing rate
  • How to exceed your highest expectations
  • How to become your best self and create an extraordinary life

And SO Much More!

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George W. Bush, Former President of the United States

"I appreciate your commitment to strengthening our nation."

Barack Obama, Former President of the United States

"Thank you for helping to address the most pressing needs in our country. Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great nation."

Colin Powell, Former U.S. Secretary of State

“Paula, you can be very proud of the good work you’re doing. I highly commend your efforts.”   

Cheryl Cartwright, Canada

“I had grown afraid of myself, afraid of life, not interested in even living, yet when Paula Fellingham spoke, it was as if an albatross of emotional pain was lifted from my psyche. The more I listened, the more I could again feel my inner spirit coming back to life. As I heard her speak to my truth, I remembered what it was to hope again, to believe in myself again, to look forward to enjoying life again. To love and feel strength again!

Paula has worked with me to improve and gain the upper hand again on every aspect of my life - from losing weight, to empowering me to improve difficult relationships, to dealing with family issues that weighed on me, to looking for solace in all the wrong places for the wrong reasons, AND Paula helped me create and build a successful business that I love!

Paula’s compassion and amazing expertise in so many areas of life have truly impacted me and helped me regain the passion for life that I had lost! Anyone who has the opportunity to let Paula Fellingham mentor them will be truly, truly blessed.”

Linda Webb, CEO, RITE Academy 

"Our company, RITE Academy, continues to grow, as we have taught to almost 350 police, correction, and public agencies our program of Racial Intelligence. We have been so blessed to help so many public service professionals along the way. All of this could not have been possible without your amazing tutelage."

Raequel London - Event Attendee

"I fell in love with you and everything you stand for as soon as I met you!!!  You're  truly inspiring and an Absolute Gem and gift to women worldwide. I salute you and I am honored to stand beside you Paula!"

Gerald Nisasera, Event Attendee

"You have made me desire become a better man in this world. Keep it up!!!"

Gilbert Beingana, Uganda

You have taught us how to love and give. I will live by that example to radiate love and joy to so many people around me and beyond. You're an inspiration to us.

Shanna Spicer, Author of Make Room For Love

Words will never be adequate to thank you for your words, energy, example, passion for your work and radiance of character!  Just let me say how very much the past months with you have been so very needed by me, to keep my dreams alive!  Thanks for all your shares! My own visions have expanded and you have made a big difference in my life. 

Thank you for giving me many new tools and ideas and especially for giving me the renewed confidence and improved skills, to take bigger, bolder steps in the coming months ahead! 

Thanks for being super amazing and having big bold dreams and for your vision for our circle of sisters as well as for our big global family! 

You have made a huge difference in my life by the space you hold for families, and prosperity and peace organizations all around the world!  May God always continue to bless and protect you and each of us and our families and pave the roads ahead as we each move forward to make a difference….one event, and one day at a time!

Anne Marie Collette, Canada

"Paula, traveling with you to India transformed me. To be in your presence and the presence of the group was delightful. I valued our conversations and the teachings you shared with us so openly and authentically. To have had this opportunity is a privilege and an honour. I will forever cherish these memories. By observing you as an inspiring global leader and speaker, I learned the do’s and don’ts, for which I am very grateful. Who I was before embarking on this journey to India has changed. I have been shifted me to a higher dimension on many realms."

Ceciliy Mwaniki - London, England

"I met Paula Fellingham at a Global Women’s Summit that I flew from London to attend. It was a fantastic two day conference that completely rejuvenated me and my business. I came back well energized and I've not looked back since! Because of Paula's teachings, and the things I learned at the event, I became like a new person and a much better businesswoman. I am now running a themed, empowering network for women ( And I recently hosted a very successful Global Women’s Summit in Great Britain. Thank you, Paula, and your team ~ you changed my life!"