Become Your Ideal Self Through Positive Affirmations

Learn To Banish Damaging Beliefs and Setbacks And RACE FORWARD Towards The Life and Career You Deserve!

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Do you want to find more joy in your career? Do you want to desire to have a breakthrough in your personal life? Do you want to learn how to EMBRACE changes in your environment and use them to grow in unimaginable ways? I am ready to share the strategies I’ve learned over my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, mother, and leader  to help you become your ideal self and lead your ideal life

Perhaps you are just looking to breath NEW LIFE into your goals and aspirations. Are you feeling helpless or out of control as you are pursuing improvement  in your career, your family life, or in your relationships? I have a great desire to show you how to not only find and get a firm grip on what your passion is, but how to program your mind and hone in on your talents to help you achieve any goal or improve any area of your life, no matter what it is! This 7-part audio class could literally change the trajectory of your entire life (and career)! 

In this on-demand audio class, you will learn how to…

  • Use specific affirmations in your life to  change the way you approach challenges
  • Attract different types of people, experiences, and situations into your environment based on what you truly believe
  • Improve and build your confidence in any area of your life
  • Live joyfully and independently from the opinion and approval of others
  • Change negative “trigger” words in your mind into positive, encouraging ones
  • Immediately eliminate anxiety, no matter where you are or what you are doing
  • Find motivation, even when things are difficult in your life

And SO Much More!

I’m ready to teach you.

Do you want to take back your control of your life? Wouldn’t it be thrilling to have CONFIDENCE in your ability to approach and overcome any obstacle in your life?



I’ve helped men and women everywhere realize their potential for greatness!

Cheryl Hargrove, Virginia“After my husband’s passing I became a widow and learned first hand how to share how I overcame the many challenges and obstacles during the lonely widow’s walk with God. I want to share my success stories of how to overcome financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual attacks that come against widows and how to overcome them with power, joy, and confidence. Than you for your awesome friendship, love, and opportunity to help other women.”

Coumba Marenah, Southfield, MI (by way of Gambia, Africa)

“It was my greatest honor and pleasure to meet you.  Since I retired from the United Nations, I was searching for someone like you who I share the same mission, values and compassion to continue my over 40 years of women issues and gender equality at all levels, girls education and mission towards eradicating poverty globally.  

God has brought us together at a place when the light shines on the path to achieving our shared goal.  I pledge my commitment to working together in making women all over the world smile 365 days of the year.  Yes, we can.” 

Deneen Morgan-Burley, Baltimore, MD

“I felt lifted after I heard you speak. I have always wanted to meet Dr. Paula Fellingham, and now I have! I have always wanted to speak to her, and I did! I have always wanted to work with her, and now I will! Paula, you are an INSPIRATION to us all. I am thankful that you said ‘Yes’ to women, and you teach us that ‘We can!’. You are a blessing.”

Lisa J. Parks, CA

“I enjoyed Dr. Paula Fellingham’s presentation more than you can ever imagine. It touched me so much that I want to learn how to go out and help other women in this world.

I have traveled extensively and love learning about different cultures and teaching others English and other skills. Paula has inspired me to continue this and hopefully I can learn from her how to inspire others and help women in other countries believe in themselves and become whatever they want to be.

I have always taught my daughters as they grew up that if they believe in something, they could make it happen. Thank you so much, Paula, for enforcing this and spreading it throughout our world.”

Charessa Johnson, San Diego, CA

“Paula is an amazing woman with a positive attitude that in just 10 minutes of her speaking motivated me to be “BETTER”. I am looking forward to working with her and other women to motivate one another to be our best. This is an amazing opportunity to just be happy!”

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