My Angel Mother

Mom and Paula - Paula kissing her cheekMy sweet 93 year-old mother passed away last Friday. Today I would like to share with you the feelings of my heart at her passing. This is what I wrote just minutes after her death…

Paula’s thoughts at 3:00am, Friday, April 8, 2016

My angel mother, Gwenavere Gibson Noble, passed away a few moments ago.

And my own life-light dimmed as she left.

What an interesting feeling. Deep in the depths of my heart and soul a piece of me just died and went away with my sweet mother.

How grateful – how profoundly thankful I am for her life and for her never-wavering love for me and for my family!

I am one of those blessed people who can say, “I was raised by an angel.”

One of the things I always loved about my mother was her ability to laugh easily. She was always just a breath away from laughing and she found the humor in almost every situation. Yes, laughing easily and often is one of the many gifts Mom gave her posterity. She learned how to laugh from her cowboy Daddy, Bern Gibson. Just two weeks ago Mom said, “When I get to the other side my Daddy is going to say, “Gal, what took you so long?”

Another gift Mom gave is her example of selflessness. She readily and happily went second – or third – or eighth – never seeking applause; always giving and giving and giving…

And perhaps the greatest of all the gifts she gave is her unconditional love. She shared her love – her effusive compliments to everyone – her constant acts of kindness – and her understanding support – to every person in her life’s circle.

How I love my mother! How passionately I want to be like her! How newly-dedicated I am to living a life filled with love….to be more angelic….to be more like her.

Two days ago I enjoyed a private, precious 45 minutes with my Mom while she was still lucid. I held her hand and kissed her face. I cried and we shared one last heart-to-heart conversation. One of the things I said was, “Mom, I wonder what it will be like when I’m where you are now.” And she said, “You will be just like me…. Surrounded by loving family.” Oh, how I pray that will be true, and that I will be deserving of such a great honor.

And then she said, “I love you… all the world.”

Mama, you loved not only me….you loved the world. And the world loved you.

Everyone whose life touched yours loves you. And now, you have taken your bright light home to heaven – you have rejoined your sweetheart. You may be dancing right now! Oh, how you yearned to dance again.

We all know that your loved ones in heaven are so happy you finally came!

Mama, keep shining your bright light and please come back to visit us often!

We love you….. all the world.

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