How To Achieve Emotional Excellence

Learn How To Overcome ANY Negative Emotion in Your Life, No Matter How Strong, And Take Back Your Personal Control of Your Life!


I’ve seen and experienced the exact feelings and struggles that you’re going through right now – downheartedness, depression, and distress because of the circumstances and trials in life. It’s easy, in a world that produces so much negative and sucks so much positive out of our souls for us to feel dried up, and helpless.

So many of us believe that this is normal for us to experience these feelings regularly, and in part, those that believe this are right. If you consider how many people feel these sad emotions regularly, it appears to be our “normal.” It truly is unusual to see someone who has a firm grasp on their own sense of self and exudes positivity on a regular basis. When the “regular” crowd sees those people, they GRAVITATE towards them, because that’s what they want to have in their life. They want light. They want joy. Those who hold up light in a dark place are considered leaders.

The reality is, each of us has the power to be that light. More importantly, YOU have the power to be that light.

I’ll say that again. YOU have the power to be that light. YOU have the power to lead others. All it takes is FINDING that light inside of you and learning how to communicate the joy that you find in doing so.

For years, this is what I’ve OBSESSIVELY sought to teach women around the world. Through my years of coaching and mentoring, I’ve learned the core roadblocks that keep people, especially women, from reaching their utmost potential. I’m an expert at helping people of all ages FIND THEIR INNER FIRE and HARNESS THEIR PERSONAL LIGHT so that those former “followers” turn into LEADERS and a source of light in a dark world.

Let me show you how to find that flame inside of you. No more waiting in the dark for others to guide you. You can become the light you seek, and YOU can become the beacon that others look to when they face the same struggles that you learn to overcome.

People need your gifts, your light, your hope, your love. 



Create an unbreakable sense of self-worth and SHARE IT.

Like most women, and perhaps like you, I’ve had experiences that were not part of my Life Plan. I envisioned Plan A and I ended up living Plan Q.

On the way from A to Q things happened that I never imagined in my wildest dreams. I experienced five miscarriages. I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and plunged into deep debt. I lost a lot of money from unwise business decisions I made many years ago because at the time I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The consequence was that a number of undesirable things happened that caused me great pain.

These experiences nearly broke me, yet one thing consistently kept my head above water – my sense of duty and a personal understanding of my own abilities. When I was in my darkest moments, these feelings of hope continued to break through the shadows of doubt that would creep up from time to time. And you know what? People noticed. I’m a thought leader and a source of light for women all around the world now, and it’s all because I found who I was meant to be.


Global Women's Summit attendees

Women everywhere still call me, email me, and even WALK UP TO ME because they see my confidence in my face. They can tell, without even speaking to me, that I have a strong sense of self and that I am able to help others find the same self-love for themselves. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I LIVE AND BREATH. This will always be a major part of who I am! I know that I was created to serve others and that I can only do that by first loving the person that I am.

Have you wanted to be able do this for the people around you? Have you wanted to shift the emotions in your family, your community, even your country? The reality is, you have that capability. Discovering it and ACTING ON IT is all it takes, and I’m here to get you there.

Here’s just some of the principles you’ll be learning in this life-changing course with Paula Fellingham:


  • How to radiate confidence and joy wherever you go
  • How to move past negative experiences and turn any challenge into a triumph in your life
  • How to be positive and encouraging, no matter your circumstances
  • How to remain positive, even when negativity is all around you
  • How to stop taking offense and start changing your life
  • How to remove toxic relationships from your life and start living freely
  • How to attract and grow positive, fulfilling relationships

And SO Much More!


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