About The Official Entrepreneur Certification

Congratulations! You have made the decision – and now you’re taking the first step – to become a knowledgeable, well-prepared, officially certified entrepreneur.

You will soon join the ranks of the adventurous, creative, enthusiastic folks who are committed to making a difference in the world by creating (or continuing to develop) products and/or services to help others improve their lives.

I applaud you! And I’m ready to take you, step by step, through the exciting adventure of entrepreneurship. It’s easier than you think when you have a Simplified System and Qualified, Certified Mentors.

The System is the “Official Entrepreneur Certification System” (OECS) with 12 easy-to-follow Modules and valuable Resources (galore!). The Mentors are the highly experienced members of the Official Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Team.

The 7 Components of the Official Entrepreneur Certification :

1. 12 Modules of Step-by-Step Instructions on “How to Become a Highly Successful Entrepreneur.”
2. A complete WEBSITE, created especially for you and your business.
3. Access to the Official Entrepreneur Certification Website, with Training Videos and Articles.
4. Access to the Online Forum to Connect and Collaborate with Other Participants.
5. Weekly Mentoring Calls for Your Questions and Additional Training.
6. Monthly Webinars Presented by Dr. Paula Fellingham.
7. Lists of valuable resources for additional research.

I created the Official Entrepreneur Certification because there is a massive need for this program worldwide, and this is the ideal time for entrepreneurs to THRIVE.

For decades I have taught wonderful people worldwide who desire to start (or grow) their own businesses, but they don’t know how. And most available resources are overwhelmingly complicated and too lengthy.

Entrepreneurs need simple, step-by-step Modules, easy-to-understand Training, additional Resources, loving Guidance, and Mentors.

When you complete the 12 Modules and Final OEC Assessment, you are then qualified to post an Official Entrepreneur Certification in your place of business – including posted it in your home office, if that’s where you work.

The Official Entrepreneur Certification proves that you are qualified and prepared as an expert in your industry, ready to grow your business with confidence.

So let’s begin the adventure! I’ll be with you every step of the way because I truly care about your success and the happiness. And I applaud you for creating a product or service that can improve people’s lives.


The Official Entrepreneur Certification System

After many years of consistent effort I developed a proven, Official Entrepreneur Certification System that is simple, efficient, and highly effective.

I developed this because for years I’ve worked with individuals in many countries who want to start their own businesses, but they don’t know where to start and most of the available information written for entrepreneurs overwhelms them.

I’ve spent nearly 40 years learning through experience, researching, refining, growing several businesses, failing, succeeding, traveling worldwide interviewing entrepreneurs, writing many, many articles and 5 books, and THEN I created this OEC System. I know the OEC System works. Although there is a plethora of superb information available elsewhere, I believe this is the most simple and effective Entrepreneur System available today.

If you are looking for complicated and lengthy, this is not for you. Based on proven principles this is a powerful System that allows you to move forward step-by-step through 12 Modules. Additionally, the OEC System provides the important resources and consistent support that are mandatory for long-term success.

After you correctly complete the Modules, follow our OEC System Guidelines, and complete the Final Assessment, you qualify to receive your Official Entrepreneur Certification.

Upon satisfactory completion, you will receive both the Official Entrepreneur Certificate for your home or office, and an Official Entrepreneur Certification Card for your wallet. Additionally, as an OEC Graduate you will be registered as a qualified, Certified Entrepreneur, and you will automatically be a member of our Official Entrepreneur Association, receive discounts at events, enjoy “Graduate Status” on the OEC website, with the ability to network with other entrepreneurs worldwide.

How I wish there had been a simplified roadmap available 40 years ago, when I first became an entrepreneur! And I wish I had connected with a mentor who would have guided me. Instead, I made many mistakes that could have been avoided. Looking back, I can see clearly how beginners can move forward WITHOUT suffering great loss (like I did!) and WITHOUT experiencing the painful consequences of simple ignorance – I simply didn’t know how to avoid the traps and pitfalls, and I fell into many before I finally succeeded.

Now I have a glorious network of women worldwide and I’m living my dream as I travel the world strengthening women and families in many nations. (To learn more, visit www.PaulaFellingham.com)

After my long, difficult climb to success (and I’m always improving my business, of course) I have a great desire to make the path easier for others. I want to help you avoid problems and shortcut the process so you can more quickly and easily fulfill your personal and business mission, and enjoy financial abundance.

And now, on to Module One!

Official Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Outline


MODULE 1: Build Your Company’s Strong Foundation

Module 1 Includes:

1. Assess your purpose, desires, values and goals (long-term; short-term)
2. Define your business idea
3. Define your business concepts, products, services (first version)
4. Create your Brand Architecture document
5. Identify your competition and strategic position in your industry
6. Discuss all with trusted friends/family/mentor(s)
7. Begin searching for a (long term) business mentor
8. Research/discuss partnerships, investors, exit strategies
9. Research/list business resources (online and on land)
MODULE 2: Gather More Information/Continue Building Your Foundation

Module 2 Includes:

1. Research trademarks and businesses/business names similar to yours
2. Decide on your business name
3. Secure a URL (online domain name)
4. Begin working on your website/logo/colors with a design artist
5. Create your first Mission Statement
6. Create your “tagline”
7. Research/define your target market
8. Analyze your competitors/products/services/pricing; make decisions
9. Learn about how to create a Business Plan and begin writing yours (See Sample Business Plan in Module 2 Sample Documents)
MODULE 3: Build Your Business’ Legal Structure and More

Module 3 Includes:

1. Decide on the legal ownership structure for your business, with the help of a competent expert or attorney.
2. Write your Articles of Incorporation (or equivalent document), (See Sample Articles of Incorporation in Module 3 Sample Documents)
3. Apply/acquire your Business License, ID numbers, required permits.
4. Learn about sales tax requirements in your state/province/country. Make the necessary applications/connections to fulfill the requirements in your area.
5. Research/Secure a Merchant Account or other ways to process payments.
6. Learn the differences between Independent Contractors and Employees (or the equivalent of these outside of the U.S.). Understand the laws in your area.
7. Create basic legal agreements with a qualified expert or attorney and have them ready when you bring your first team onboard.
8. Consider who you want on your first team, and understand the importance of having a well-qualified team with a diversity of skills.
9. Learn about Advisory Boards, Boards of Directors, and Team Members, then choose them.
10. Hold your first official meeting and keep a record of the proceedings. At this meeting, discuss everything created to date and with your team, create a budget for the first year and the first month.

MODULE 4: Write Your Business Plan

Module 4 Includes:

1. Study the Instructions on How to Write a Business Plan, then write your Business Plan.
2. Use as a template the Sample Business Plan (See Sample Business Plan in Module 4 Sample Documents)

MODULE 5: Write Your Marketing Plan

Module 5 Includes:

1. Study the Instructions on How to Write a Marketing Plan, then write your Marketing Plan.
2. Use as a template the Sample Marketing Plan (See Sample Marketing Plan in Module 5 Sample Documents)

MODULE 6: Write Your Sales Plan with Projected Sales/Expenses

Module 6 Includes:

1. Study the Instructions on How to Write a Sales Plan with Projected Sales/Expenses, then write your Sales Plan with Projected Sales/Expenses.
2. Use as a template the Sample Sales Plan with Projected Sales/Expenses

MODULE 7: Set Up Shop (Wherever that is)

Module 7 Includes:

1. Decide what type of an office/location/set-up you need.
2. Research the options
3. Decide/acquire furniture, computers, phone systems, equipment, inventory, software, hardware, and more.
4. Research the best banks for your needs; open a business account.
5. Get everything set up and ready to do business.

MODULE 8: Finalize Your Team, Contracts, Documents, Money Issues, Social Media Plan, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan

Module 8 Includes:
1. Prepare for your Business Launch by revising/updating/finalizing all documents, with input from your Business Advisors, Board of Directors, Team members.
2. Meet as a team to go through each one of your plans thoroughly. Be unified as a team.
3. Discuss your Business Launch activities online and on land, and make assignments/prepare for your Launch.

MODULE 9: Finalize your Website and populate it with Content; Create a Social Media Plan (short-term; long-term); Create Sales Strategies

Module 9 Includes:

1. Complete the website and populate it with content.
2. Add merchant account to website.
3. Create sales scripts.
4. Rehearse sales pitches and have sales professionals help with online sales copy.

MODULE 10: Develop and Begin Executing Your Funding Strategies

Module 10 Includes:

1. Research all possible funding options
2. Do not expect anyone to put in money until after you have sacrificed/done your part to put money into your business.
3. Meet with mentor(s) and financial experts to create a Funding Plan.
4. Consider all funding options and choose the best one for you and your company.

MODULE 11: Taking Action – Begin Testing Your Marketing and Sales Plans.

Module 11 Includes:

1. Begin your first Marketing Campaigns, online and on land.
2. Revise and refine your Plans, then test again by DOING.

MODULE 12: Extra Resources for Learning.

Module 12 Includes:

1. Extra Resources for learning.




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