About Global Women’s Summits

Global Women’s Summits are meetings where women come together to learn & grow. And guess what? They happen ALL OVER THE WORLD!

At each Global Women’s Summit 3 local leaders/experts spoke, identifying and offering solutions to the women’s issues in their community/nation. Additionally, participants discussed the following 3 things that are important to all women in all nations

1-How can we acknowledge our similarities and respect our differences? (Discussing how women are alike and how they’re different is a wonderful foundation upon which to understand each other better.)

2-How can we strengthen women’s roles for increased peace and development in communities, nations, and the world? (Women know how they want their roles strengthened.)

3-How can women live in greater dignity and contribute to the well-being of other women in their communities, nations, and in the world? (This issue varies widely from country to country.)

After our Global Women’s Summits, the ideas shared will be discussed with local, national, and international leaders so they will know what women want and can take steps to initiate positive changes relative to women’s issues in each nation.

Every Global Women’s Summit is a rich combination of:

-Keynote presentation: Believe It! Become It! How to Overcome Obstacles and Excel in Every Area of Your Life

-Presentations by local experts/leaders who offer solutions to the challenges women face in their communities/countries.

-Discussion, with attendees, of the three initiatives listed above.

-A lovely lunch shared by all (included in the price of admission).

-Uplifting musical presentation.

-Awards Ceremony honoring women who receive IWD Outstanding Service Awards.