About Believe It! Become It!

Dear Friend,

I believe in making dreams come true. And I believe we can become our ideal selves.

If you can dream big dreams, and you want those dreams to come true, then read on.

My family – with seven children –fiddled and banjo-picked across America, at the United Nations and into Europe as a country-bluegrass band for 12 summers.

You see, although my husband is a university professor (he teaches statistics!) my first degree was in music, and hey – since we had so many children, we decided we’d have fun with it (and make $$!) as a family band.

Great memories – playing 10 instruments and singin’ up a storm! It was a good time. And our family bonding? Priceless.

Fast-forward years later. Those kids are grown, most are married, and they live in six different states. Our banjo-pickin’ son is now serving in Afghanistan as a Special Forces Medic in the United States Army.

I have a Doctorate in Human Relations, I’ve written five books, and I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger – speaking throughout America and internationally… helping people dream big dreams and showing them how to make those dreams come true.

The dreaming part is easy. We all have plenty of dreams… things we want to do, places we want to go, and goals we want to reach. Am I right? Sure, and that’s a good thing!

You WANT to dream, and dream big.

But the next step is where most people get bogged down. Why? Because they don’t know how to make their dreams come true! They have challenges in their lives. We all do. We have obstacles in our way… barriers that keep us from achieving our goals and becoming our best selves.

On a daily basis you and I have to deal with challenging relationships and difficult assignments…at home…at work… wherever we go and whatever we do. That’s life! But some people have it worse than others – some have to deal with genuine toxic personalities every single day of their lives! Is that you?

So how do we not only hurdle these barriers… but excel like we’ve never excelled before? That’s where I come in. In fact, that’s the name of my book.

It’s called “Believe It! BECOME IT! How to Hurdle Barriers and Excel Like Never Before”

I’m so excited about the principles in this book I can barely breathe. I’m excited because they work! Simply stated, Believe It! BECOME IT! is a series of principles for living a happy life.

They resonate as truth because they’re age-old principles that countless people have tried and tested in the laboratory of life, and found them to be undeniably true.

Since space and time is limited, I can offer here only an outline of the first part of the book – the Five Pillar Principles that are the keys to overcoming every obstacle – every challenge in your life, thus allowing you to be highly successful.

Just like amplifiers and speakers gave our family band “sound power” onstage, these principles give you LIFE POWER. We amplified our sound so audiences could hear our music. These principles AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE as you apply them.

• Power Belief #1: “I Can Create Positive Change in My Life”

How to control your thoughts and create positive beliefs, every time. (the beliefs in your mind bring about the results in your life)

How to release yourself from damaging beliefs of the past. (most people have them)

• Power Belief #2: “I Am Joyful and Confident”

How to create your own happiness (it can be done; it’s a vital key!)
How to enjoy positive self-beliefs (the exact things to think to catapult you toward success)

• Power Belief #3 “I Set High, Achievable Goals

How to identify what hurts most and what you want most (a prerequisite to goal achievement)
How to apply the 7 Steps to Success (these steps alone are priceless)

• Power Belief #4 “I Use Positive Experiencing to Become My Ideal Self”

How to image things in great detail that become like real experiences (based on extensive research; highly successful people know and use this technique)
How to replay your wins, all the way to successful goal achievement (winners and high achievers understand and live this principle)

• Power Belief #5 “I Act ‘As If’ While I’m Becoming My Ideal Self”

How to live the part while diligently pursuing your goals (critical to excellence)
How to affirm your abilities and stay on course (a powerful principle that works!)

Those are the Power Beliefs in the first section, and there are five sections in the book!

The principles in Believe It! BECOME IT! can change your life. Lori Prokop, Senior Editor, Bestseller Publishing said:
“Paula Fellingham understands what it takes to break through barriers and excel like never before, and she put it within your reach. This is a must-read book for anyone who desires success at the highest level – whether in your personal relationships or in the workplace: Read ever word of this life-changing book!”

Ambassador Mohktar Lamani, United Nations: “Paula Fellingham has the wonderful ability of empowering people to improve their lives and their relationships.”

Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote, “You can be very proud of the good work you’re doing. I highly commend your efforts.”

I’d like you to know that decades of research and study on the subject of how to overcome the obstacles in our lives to become our ideal selves is distilled into the book Believe It! BECOME IT!

Please know that I know you can overcome every obstacle in your life. I know you can dream big dreams and make those dreams come true.

I know it because I’ve watched it happen in peoples lives, again and again and again…as they’ve applied the Believe It! BECOME IT! principles.


Believe It! BECOME IT! is written for people who have a burning desire to overcome the obstacles in their lives and excel like they’ve never excelled before.

You will learn how to:

Use POWER BELIEFS to: believe you can become your ideal self
achieve your maximum potential (amplify your life)

  • Become joyful and confident
  •  Create positive change in your life
  • Control your thoughts, words and actions using powerful techniques that work
  • Release yourself from damaging beliefs (past and present)
  • Create your own happiness
  • Enjoy positive self-beliefs
  •  Set high, achievable goals
  • Identify what hurts most and what you want most
  • Apply the 7 Steps to Success
  • Use positive experiencing
  • Imagine things in great detail which become like real experiences
  • Replay your wins
  • Act “As If” while you’re becoming your ideal self
  • Live the part while you’re diligently pursuing your goals
  • Affirm your abilities and stay on course


  • POSITIVE CRISIS and create a healthy sense of urgency to reach goals
  • PARTNERING as a powerful tool for change
  • PREPARATION as a prerequisite for practically perfect performance
  • PERFORMANCE formula for success:

Planning + Preparation + Personal Work + Persistence = Practically Perfect Performance
I teach people to believe they can create positive change in their lives and how to become their ideal selves. I give them every tool they need to take immediate control and create extraordinary lives.