7 Tips for Building Tolerance in Your Home:

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Sometimes, it can be easy for us to slip into a “bubble” when we get busy. However, teaching (and practicing) tolerance in our families, despite where we come from, is SO important in today’s diverse and changing world! Here are 7 tips to build a spirit of tolerance in your home!

7 Tips for Building Tolerance in Your Home:

  • Invite someone of a different background to join your family for a meal or holiday.
  • Assess the cultural diversity reflected in your home’s artwork, music and literature. Add something new.
  • Establish a high “comfort level” for open dialogue about social issues.
  • Point out stereotypes and cultural misinformation depicted in movies, TV shows and other media.
  • Gather information about local volunteer opportunities and let your children select projects for family participation.
  • Affirm your children’s curiosity about race and ethnicity. Point out that people come in many shades.
  • Expand your circle of friends by examining your “diversity profile” and helping each other develop new relationships.

There are so many other viewpoints in the world, and teaching our children to share love and respect with those they associate with makes them (and us) much better people. Let us seek to be involved and to teach tolerance in our homes!

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