Paula’s Weekly Message: Adventures in China (November 12, 2013)

I’d like to begin by saying, “I LOVE CHINA!” I had a magnificent experience during my visit to this massive nation. I learned SO much about their history, their government and school systems, and I especially loved meeting the precious people. I gained great insights re: the Chinese way of life in Beijing and the day-to-day experiences of the women and girls in mainland China.

Some of the women I met became “sister-friends” even through I was only here a week. They talked me into returning in January and I’d really like to return with several “Women of The WIN” (from the United States). Would you like to come with me in January? 🙂

The WIN is collaborating with Wendy Jyang and her like-minded/like-hearted team to strengthen women and families in China in several ways. One of the things “Women of The WIN” will be doing is presenting online and on land (live, in China) presentations to strengthen women personally (health, mindset, beauty), in their families (parenting, marriage), and in their businesses (starting and growing their businesses, and connecting them with women who have similar businesses in other nations). I already lined up three wonderful, successful businesswomen who will translate for us when we return. They’re looking forward to helping us grow The WIN CHINA!

We also have a new WIN CHINA Regional Director, Shuwei Fu. She has her Master’s Degree from New York in International Business Marketing and Public Relations and is extremely excited about working with us. Shuwei is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside – truly a lovely woman. You’ll love her when you meet her!

I presented motivational speeches on three days and also had numerous meetings with many of the prominent businesswomen and leaders of women’s groups and organizations in China. Wendy Jyang scheduled the meetings and translated all my presentations – she is truly a fabulous WIN partner and on e of my dear friends. I met Wendy years ago at a parenting conference where I spoke. She and I have been waiting for the right time for the Department of Education Auxiliaries to recognize my work and invite me to China.


Even though our days were packed full, Wendy found time to take me and another friend to the Great Wall of China. I was SO amazed

at the “Wonder of the World” which took SO long to build. It took my breath away!! We dressed in warm jackets and ha

Gratitude… I am so deeply grateful for life and for the opportunity I have to lead such a magnificent organization as The Women’s INformation Netowrk, and to work with precious women to fulfill our glorious mission. We truly are “Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives,” and it thrills my heart even as I write those words.ts for the climb. It was cold and windy in Beijing on November 8th, and I loved every minute of the climb. I had a plethora of mixed emotions as I walked that well-worn path, not the least of which were profound feelings of gratitude.

Thank you, Wendy Jyang. Than you to The WIN Team who supports and loves me. Thank you to my dear family who are always immeasurably supportive and loving, and thank you to all who are reading this who feel a stirring their hearts to take action! Join us as we reach out to our sisters worldwide. I invite you and encourage you to contact me and join our WIN sisterhood.

Lot and lots of love, and May Your Day Be Filled With WINS!


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