BYU professor of statistics Lynne Nielsen is a leader in her field

You may have noticed the diversity among the women I’ve spotlighted in this column. I intentionally look for women with differing backgrounds, careers and interests. This week I’m honored to spotlight Lynne Nielsen, a BYU Associate Statistics Professor and Ph.D. candidate. Lynne’s life and her work are fascinating. I especially enjoyed learning about her Women[…]

Utah Valley Women: For all working mothers who struggle and juggle

I love learning about amazing young mothers. Krissy Owens is, indeed, an example to all working mothers who struggle and juggle. She is positive and cheerful, and extremely talented in her ability to multi-task. I have never met anyone like Krissy. Her three children are tiny, her husband is a full-time student, and she works[…]

Utah Valley Women: Saratoga Springs photographer, Angela Webb, shares her advice for women

I love the opportunity to spotlight amazing women in Utah Valley. Each one gives great advice for women (my final interview question). However, this week’s spotlight, Angela Webb, gave such superb advice that you may want to read it first. Angela has been married to her sweetheart, Darrel Webb, for 21 years. They have four[…]

Search and rescue dog trainer and motorcycle enthusiast, Patti Allen, helping women worldwide

Patti Allen is one of the most interesting and amazing women I know. Although she lives in Utah Valley now, she was born and raised in the small farming community of Blackfoot, Idaho. At an early age she realized that two of her life passions are helping people improve their lives and training search and[…]

A Thought From Mother Teresa – Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham here! One of the things I love to do is share life-changing quotes, stories, and messages with people like you who appreciate them. About a year ago, I shared the piece below. It’s one of my favorites and the most frequently requested short messages in my book, “Believe It! Become It!”. It was[…]